We can manage all steps of the SkillSelect process for you to give you the highest chance of success.

The introduction of the SkillSelect programme was a major change to Australian Migration policy, intended to make sure that the ongoing skilled migration programme continues to reflect the growing needs of the Australia economy.

The major difference with SkillSelect is that applicants must now be invited to apply for a visa, rather than simply submitting an application, and the age criteria kicks in at the time you are invited to apply. This means that for those potential applicants who are in their mid to late forties, this is absolutely the right time to apply, or accept that Australian Migration will remain just an unfulfilled dream.

How does SkillSelect work?

  • Ensure you meet the 60 points minimum threshold to apply
  • Have your Skills assessed by the relevant authority
  • Submit the very best Expression of Interest which is submitted to a virtual league table.
  • Needless to say the Australian Government takes applications from the ‘premier league’ first
  • Apply for state or family sponsorship if applicable
  • Lodging visa applications for you and accompanying family members

The Australian Migration desk at Migration Advisory Service and their appointed representatives are the Australia Visa SkillSelect experts. They will work with you to secure your Australia Visa through the SkillSelect system.

Feel like Migration is now out of reach because of SkillSelect?

Don’t. It is important to remember that even with the advent of SkillSelect the demand for skilled immigrants to Australia remains high, and is growing at an exponential rate. Migration is not meant to be easy and SkillSelect is simply another layer of complexity added into an already difficult process. Often clients become disheartened because they cannot find their occupation on the CSOL however as long is their is a broad match we will dig into your background to establish the best possible fit.

We make this process simple for our clients, taking care of the whole process from SkillSelect to finish, leaving them free to plan their relocation.

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